Blog Policies

Mutual respect is key to open, positive communication. The submission policies are based around this principle. We will make every effort to enforce these policies to ensure an environment of respectful and productive discussions about the Church and spirituality.

1. Those involved in the conversation deserve respect.

We welcome and encourage candor and free expression. We also insist that everyone be treated with courtesy as they speak their true feelings. If comments/submissions are harsh, attacking, or insensitive, blog moderators may choose to remove or withhold your comments from the conversation to ensure that respectful conversation can thrive. Anything that disparages someone’s race, sex, sexuality, or personal worth has no place in this environment.

To preserve the privacy of those who submit questions or comments, all submissions with the submitter’s full name are posted with only the poster’s first name and last initial.

2. Those not involved in the conversation deserve respect.

Any names or personal information included in a submission that is not attached to the submitter may be abridged, changed, or removed to protect their identity and privacy. The names of those in public positions (i.e., general authorities, university presidents/department heads, politicians) may be used in our posts. However, all people, no matter what your reason for addressing them, deserve respect, and we will not post or include anything that is harsh, attacking, or insensitive. This includes anything disparaging someone’s race, sex, sexuality, or personal worth.

3. Those who are struggling deserve respect.

We take protecting our readers and discussion members very seriously. If you submit or comment something that deals with abuse, unsafe circumstances, or suicide, we will provide you with information and resources we have. If some details shared seem inappropriate to post publicly, we will attempt to continue the conversation privately, with your consent. We are not mental or medical health professionals; it is possible that we might not post your submission or that we might request further information to try and assist you in seeking professional help. Please know that we’re here to listen and help where we can.

If your submission discusses these topics, we will respect all requests to disable comments on the public post. If you choose to allow comments, we will monitor them closely to ensure that they show you proper respect and decency.

Those who post or respond insensitively to these subjects will be removed from the blog to every extent that they can be. These subjects are serious and insensitive remarks can drastically affect the lives of people in already difficult circumstances. It is disrespectful to cause further harm when they’re trying to express their pain. Such disrespect will not be tolerated to any extent.

4. Those running the blog deserve respect.

The people posting their honest thoughts and feelings on this blog deserve to be treated with decency. If you disagree with a post, that’s fine! We welcome all opinions here! Discussions and disagreements bring growth, understanding, and new perspectives. You can comment on the post or submit your thoughts through the Google Form. However, be sure that your comments are respectful and facilitate discussion, not shame. This blog is a place for growth, not attacks on character or intelligence.

We welcome your feedback. If you feel we have erred in moderating these rules, please feel free to voice your concerns. However, try to be patient with our small team; if you don’t see your submission posted, it’s possible we may not have gotten to it yet or may have missed it by accident. We’re human, and mistakes will happen. Please be courteous and polite, and we’ll work to make things right as soon as we can.

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